Company History

2003, June: SZET is founded, located in the Huangpu district of Shanghai.


2005: March: SZET’s first manufacturing base is open in Jingjiang (Jiangsu province).

2006: December: Signature between Technip, MOC Olefins Company, and SZET of a contract to provide a complete set of cracking furnaces.

2007: July: Opening of the new factory in Jingjiang, SZET (Jingjiang) is founded.

2008: December: Successful completion of the MOC project.

2009: April: SZET is appointed exclusive petrochemicals equipment supplier for international projects by Sinopec Engineering.

July: An additional manufacturing base is inaugurated in SZET (Jingjiang) location.


2011: The TITAN project is completed in Malaysia, a reformer designed, manufactured and installed by a consortium of Chinese companies.

2012: Supeship is founded as a joint venture between SZET and the Yangzi Shipyard. At the same time, the company is refounded with a new name, Supezet.

2013: A strategic collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences is set up.

2014: SupeZET HongKong founded as a window for international business.