Company Introduction 

Shanghai SupeZET Engineering Technology Co., Ltd (SupeZET) is a professional company which is dominantly engaged in Modularized manufacturing for industrial furnaces and large equipment, while providing consultancy, technical services and technical development, design, fabrication and installation of related products for both domestic and international customers who are operating in particular petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, power industry and the oil & gas industry, etc.

SupeZET introduced “state of art” for management concept and manufacturing technology from Europe and Japan, collaborates with domestic and international experts, aiming to provide optimized benefits & solutions for our customers. The concept of “Modularized manufacturing” has been successfully introduced to our domestic and international projects. 
Competitive pricing, excellent quality, speedy delivery and satisfactory service are, amongst others, the results of our ONE STOP SERVICE policy. The results of this policy and our commitment to provide for customer’s satisfaction are beneficial assets for our customers to achieve their goals for excellence.

It is the SupeZET pursuance under the ONE STOP SERVICE and BUILD TO ORDER , to provide timely delivered reliable products and services at a competitive prices for your convenience and excellence. SupeZET has been providing the ONE STOP SERVICE at best quality and is committed to continual improvement.

SupeZET has successfully developed and recommended the Modularization fabrication of radiant tube system, furnace panel and steel structures, convection section for ethylene cracking furnace, reformer furnace and fired heaters, etc. SupeZET has strong technical base and product developing capability, advanced production facility, experienced fabrication procedure and completed ISO9001 quality ensure system, ISO 14001 environment management system and ISO18001 HSE management system. By working on our fabrication base, we have had good cooperation with a lot of famous domestic and international companies such as: Technip, LHT, LINDE, Lurgi, SCG, Titan, Air Products, Aramco, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, SinoChem, etc.  From which we have got very good recognition . Besides that, SupeZET is the Exclusive Partner with Sinopec Intl. for export projects. Meanwhile, SupeZET is named “Shanghai highly new technology corporation”   by Shanghai Government.